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Week Reflection. Vaccine 1st Dose.

“The vaccine.” “The jab.” These seem to be the words on everyone’s lips (apart from ‘it’s coming home’). As of the 8th of June, all adults 18 and above in the UK would have had access to their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This means that for the first time, young adults would be able to go and receive the jab from a local vaccination centre.

In my case, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium was to become a mass vaccination centre, following the footsteps of its rival’s Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium. The process was quite simple. You could either just turn up on the day, or book an allotted time slot online. An added incentive to get the vaccine was that the club was offering free stadium tours to whoever received their vaccine at the Emirates. Personally, I wasn’t all that fussed when vaccinations rolled out for my age group. I told myself that I would get it eventually, putting it off as I wasn’t a big fan of needles. However, as an Arsenal fan and having a knack of spotting a good bargain, the free stadium tour tempted me in.

The 26th of June was the big day for my first dose. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I reminded myself of the free stadium tour and of course doing my part in trying to irradicate the spread of Covid. I had received a phone call from a friend who had done the vaccine earlier in the day. He had not felt much during the process and seemed to be doing ok, I wasn’t so convinced.

I had arrived at the Armoury side of the Emirates; little did I know that I had to walk a whole lap around the stadium before I could get inside. Once in, I did all the obligatory name, date of birth and NHS number to the lady at the front desk and then it began. I was first taken into a booth, I had prepared myself before going in, bracing myself for the jab. However, the first booth was just to receive some precautionary details and ask about my medical history. I just wanted it to be over! After a few minutes, I was guided to a second booth, this time it looked more serious. I received the Pfizer jab on my weaker arm. To my surprise, it was painless and even bloodless. It was done in a matter of minutes and no sooner as I walked in, I was being led out into some sort of waiting room. Only 15 minutes in here and I was allowed to be out into the wide world again! Luckily, no side effects, apart from a sore arm. Just need that 2nd dose in a few weeks’ time.

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