Hot Air Balloons


I'm currently a student, about to start a new life at university.

What I'm Currently Doing:

  • 1. 🧑‍🎓 I'm a student based in the UK. I've just left sixth form and will be starting university in September.

  • 2. 🎵 Since 2019, I've taken on the role of leading music at my local church.

  • 3. ✍️ On this website I write blog posts about my thoughts about life and articles on general life advice.

Other things:

  • 1. 🎸 I enjoy playing the guitar and bass and singing covers of my favourite songs, which I post on my SoundCloud

  • 2. 🎮 I have a fondness for video games and like to play when I have spare time. Some of my favourite games are: The Legend of Zelda- Breath of the Wild & Grand Theft Auto V.

  • 3. 🇬🇧I have an undying love for the Eurovision Song Contest and enjoy listening different styles of music and the craziness of the stage performances.

  • 4. ⚽ In a turn of contrast, I also enjoy watching football and supporting my club and country: Arsenal and England.